Our team is organised through work division. Every employee has their focal tasks that are done individually. The daily team briefings inform all employees on current and upcoming events.
All procedures in the office are familiar to the employees; inquirers will always reach a qualified person that will attend their issues.

Short-term occurring problems are common and will be dealt with immediately and accurately.

Meetings with clients / tenants / buyers should be arranged previously to enable  ideal time management for the proceedings.

Our office times are Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.
Thursday's open tenant consultancy hour enables tenant to reach us without an appointment. To clarify important issues a booked meeting is advisable.

Our employees are :


Ms. Sibylle Kröner, office assistant

Focusing on:
Field work,
Apartment acceptance and inspection
Apartment hand over





Ms. Sandra Reisberg, office assistant
Focusing on:
All telephone communication
Office organisation and service
Online presentation






Vera Kaufholdt, Economist
Kauffrau Grundst./Wohnungswirtschaft
Certified market value appraiser
Feng-Shui consultant
Focusing on:
Management, Sales, Property Management






Current training in:
real-estate agents
Short seminars on tenant rights